Thursday, November 24, 2005

My '80s Remastered - Touch

Earlier in the week I did a Eurythmics post that covered their debut LP Sweet Dreams. I also picked up a copy of it's follow up, Touch. it's another album full of gorgeous hits like Here Comes The Rain Again and Who's That Girl?. It's got it's quirks - the calypso funk of Right By Your Side, and it has it's emotionally big moments too - No Fear, No Hate, No Pain. While I love this record, I don't think it has aged as well sonically as Sweet Dreams - there are a few of those more dated sounding productions, although the remastering goes some way towards fixing that. There are seven extra tracks on this, including the previously unreleased take on the David Bowie/John Lennon nugget Fame. While it's not exactly a classic take, it's still interesting to hear. I like the burbly rhythms, and the rest of it is really all about Annie's voice. Another recommended remaster.

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