Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Section 25 Redux

Yesterday's Section 25 post had me telling you about how I had really wanted to share the B-side mix of the single Looking From A Hilltop. However, I was foiled by a huge scratch at the beginning of the track, so settled on recording the A-side version instead. Well, due to the greatness of this here interweb thingy, my mate across the pond Phillip has "hooked me up". There was an e-mail in my inbox from him this morning, and contained within it was an mp3 rip of the B-side mix, taken from the digitally remastered 1998 reissue of From The Hip. So now I'm happy to say you can hear the tune I intended you to hear in the first place. Enjoy the deliciously huge, pounding electro grooves of Looking From A Hilltop Megamix, and when the percussive, trippy, backtracked breaks in the middle hit you, you'll know why I love this version so much!

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