Friday, November 25, 2005

Funky Friday's The One For You

I'm short on time today so it's a quickie post. D Train's debut single, 1981's You're The One For Me, is today's funky flashback, a classic slice of electro disco. It features some absolutely fab synth squiggling, booming production and slick arrangements by Hubert Eaves III. Over this big electro-disco track you get the deep gospel voice of James "D Train" Williams. And a catchier than shit chorus. This is the tasty 12" remix - I'm not sure who did this mix as the mp3 wasn't properly tagged. Both François Kevorkian and Paul Hardcastle did remixes, so it could be either - it sounds closer to Hardcastle's style to me. I especially like the breakdown - key solo, vocal riffing, then the track builds up again. James' vocals after the break are great - full of life and funk. A stompingly good tune to send you on your merry weekend way.

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