Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Electronics

Moodgadget is an electronic music label that was founded in Ann Arbor, MI in 2004. They are currently based out of Brooklyn and LA and have an affiliation with Ghostly International. I have been on their mailing list for a while, and wrote about their first release a few years back. They offer a broad selection of styles on their roster, and I like that variety. Today's post highlights it with four diverse tracks - from ambient drone to glitch to techno to hip hop, there is something for everyone.

Worst Friends - AG (Shimeto Remix)
Worst Friends are John Paul Jones and Ryan Cavanagh. The duo were drawn together by their mutual disrespect for one another's tastes in music, and frequently throw folk, glitch, disco and techno at each other to entertaining results.

Mux Mool - Nausican
Brooklyn based Mux Mool is the label's most visible artist. Mux rose to popularity after inclusion on iTunes' best of 2006 list, as well as appearing on the collaboration between Ghostly International and Adult Swim, aptly titled "Ghostly Swim". This year will see him put out two releases, the "Just Saying is All" EP and an LP entitled "SKULLTASTE."

Charles Trees - It's The...
American values, once held in high regard with pride, respect and admiration, have found their way into the dirt, deceived by those who were sworn to uphold them in the first place. I love my country and its people and culture, but somehow, being critical of your government has become unpatriotic. Question everything, before your rights are all taken away from you!

Viul - Coma Kid
Viul began quite accidentally in 2004, in Michigan, when a friend suggested that Luke Entelis consider releasing the ambient/drone/found sound recordings he'd made by himself as an occasional side project and distraction from legendarily apocryphal Ypsi noisemakers Esmae (RIP). Though the nature of Viul's music has evolved considerably since relocating to Washington DC and incorporating a wider range of instruments and electronic toys, the most important thing to know about Viul remains that the word itself rhymes with "bell".

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