Monday, February 09, 2009

Song Of The Day

Chin Chin are an NYC party band. They are signed to Def Jux. Their new single is a cover of one of my favorite '80s classics - The Power Station's Some Like It Hot. Where the original was all thundering gated snares and twitchy funk rock, Chin Chin smoooove it out and make it into a much more relaxed beast, a nice and spacy bit of g-funk.
Chin Chin - Some Like It Hot


MORE '80s 4U
Got a hankering for some bad '80s music video? Check out the HUGE library at 80's Music Videos, all nicely alphabetized for ease of use. Fantastic. Thanks to D'Ruffalo for the link.

The Australian music, marketing and social media blog Way Cool Jnr has compiled a list of the top 25 Australian music blogs. To my pleasant surprise SIART is listed at #6! I am honored to be listed, and now consider myself an honorary Aussie. Don't worry, I promise - no jokes about shrimps on the barbie...


Anonymous said...

I saw you on that list and was, well, surprised. Glad to see you're not an Aussie, or I would have to start going on a lot about cricket now...

KiDG said...

Love this cover!