Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Song(s) Of The Day

I have been listening to The Teardrop Explodes' Wilder a bunch lately. It is of course the remastered expanded version that includes the US mini LP Buff Vanilla. This 1981 album, the band's second, is a classic in my books. It is filled with Julian Cope's mad genius in full on psych pop mode. There are songs that deserved to be smash hits, with huge hooks and choruses. There are low key ambient moments. And there are loads of quirky, mad moments. Pundits had them poised for great UK chart success. Of course the public (idiots!) didn't buy it (the singles placed at #25,#57,#41), and it signaled the end of the band. I had a hard time picking a single song so you get to listen to three. A highly recommended purchase.
Colours Fly Away
Tiny Children
You Disappear From View

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