Friday, February 13, 2009

Funky Friday

Wack beats to move your feets? Not today, my friend. Today I offer an eclectic array of funktastic offerings...
- Dave Wrangler sent the cool mashup of the Pharcyde versus Ghostland Observatory.
- The Avalanches tune is old but sweet, a crisp slice of disco.
- Two Fingers is Amon Tobin and Doubleclick with rapper Sway, fresh from NinjaTune - st-st-st-stuttery hip hop goodness, very nice.
- Funkadelic is always good, right? That ain't no BS.
- Plaid are making a new career out of sound tracking movies. The latest is Heaven's Door, and musically it is pure Plaid, shimmery, whirring and clicking - gorgeous.
- Tobacco is the driving force behind Black Moth Super Rainbow, so his solo stuff on Anticon sounds much like his band - loopy, loony with tripped out beats and woozy atmospherics. Mmmmm, Truck Sweat.
- My parents had this Deodato album called Whirlwinds. I used to love listening to it's funky interpretations of classic tunes. Moonlight Serenade was one of the biggest cuts on it. You might recognize several parts of this tune because it has been sampled a hell of a lot over the years.
- Scritti Politti, cream of the mid '80s crop, where is your deluxe edition of Cupid & Psyche 85? Next year it will be 25 years old - hop to it record company! In the meantime enjoy the brilliance of the vinyl rip of the 12" b-side.
- I am a big fan of producer/musicican Joakim, and his remix of Lionel Hampton is a tasty slab of old skool electro.
- Sakamoto & Dolby, a meeting of electronic pioneers. From a 1985 12", this is an interesting melding of their two approaches to electro-pop. The backing track is very YMO, while the vocal melody is pure Dolby. Fairlights and Emulators in full effect, with a cool faux-Art of Noise break.

The Pharcyde vs Ghostland Observatory - Passin' Me By (Dave Wrangler Remix)
Avalanches - A Different Feeling (Ernest St.Laurent Remix)
Two Fingers - What You Know feat. Sway (Emalkay Mix)
Funkadelic - Whole Lot Of BS
Plaid - Tokyo Drive
Tobacco - Truck Sweat
Deodato - Moonlight Serenade
Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Version)
Lionel Hampton - Vibramatic (Joakim Vibromatic Remix)
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Thomas Dolby - Fieldwork (Long London Mix)


Justin Towers said...

I hear you about Cupid & Psyche. A remaster would be great. In terms of bonus tracks, well 'The Word Girl/Flesh & Blood (Version)' is almost impossible to get hold of on CD, and there's an awesome demo of Wood Beez that sounds like Songs To Remember-era Scritti. There must be a few more like that in the vaults...

Patrick Rogers said...

Thank you for the Dolby / Sakamoto track! I had no idea it existed.

Michael said...

Here's a link to what it looks like...

mads said...

a little late, but thanks for the excellent tunes. A super funky thursday at the moment, dodgin some work and nodding my head instead.

Anonymous said...

I think the Deodato sample was used on the wiseguys/executive suite album.


haizee said...

the Avalanches / Ernest St Laurent track is so EPIC. Such a classic track. A million thanks could never suffice for this beauty...