Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Song Of The Day

This is a repost. Blog-Google deleted this post without warning on 2/7/09. They gave no indication as to which track was the offender so the audio content has been removed.

Eagles of Death Metal are an absolute favorite of mine. Their latest album Heart On came out in October of last year and I am still playing it at least once a week. It's glamtastic - gritty, dirty and sexy, full of Stones-y riffs and stomping beats. Nothing new, but so much fun it is hard to resist. Today's song of the day is a great example...
Eagles of Death Metal - Prissy Prancin'


I have been a bit obsessed with Beyond The Wizards Sleeve lately. The duo of Erol Alkan and Richard Norris are active in music on their own - Erol as remixer (Klaxons/Goldfrapp/Hot Chip) and producer (Late Of The Pier) and Norris as member of Psychic TV and The Grid. The self released bootleg Ark 1 is a collection of their cut and paste jobs, where they rework old psychedelic rock tunes or Krautrock jams and add a bit of their own instrumentation. It is great - I have been playing it to death. I have also been rocking their reanimation of the track Ulysses from the new Franz Ferdinand album. Come on, let's get high.
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation)

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KiDG said...

Yeah it's frustrating how Blogger does that now, deleting the post for ya. At least they could give some warning first...

Anyway, the Ulysses download doesn't work. :(