Wednesday, May 17, 2006

See You On The Moon

I have kids. Two of them. This means that at some point or other I will be forced to endure music for children. At it's worst it's The (creepy) Wiggles or Disney princess music. At it's best? Well, I'm not sure if that is possible. But some people are trying pretty hard to make it a bit more fun for us grown ups, and if the results are as interesting as See You On The Moon - Songs For Kids Of All Ages, then I say keep it up. It is a compilation put out by Paper Bag Records, and it is pretty neat. Here's some bio -

See You On The Moon! is our offering to kids all over the world. We noticed that most of the time kids are far more intelligent than the adults surrounding them. We can only hope this peace offering of eclectic, new and exclusive tracks will do the trick!
Our friends Alan Sparhawk (of Low), Apostle of Hustle, Broken Social Scene, Detective Kalita, FemBots, Glissandro 70 (of Polmo Polpo), Great Lake Swimmers, Hot Chip, Junior Boys, Kid Koala (with special guest Lederhosen Lucil), Mark Kozalek (of Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters), Montag, Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens all made very special tracks just for this project. Throwing condescension out the window and understanding the concept of fun without it being mindless or moronic - all the tracks will appeal to kids and grown ups alike.

Alan Sparhawk's Be Nice To People With Lice is very amusing. Broken Social turn in a nice and moody version of Puff The Magic Dragon. There are several 20 to 30 second interludes by Montag that are dreamy little lullaby snippets. Sure, some of it borders on twee, but overall I'd give this set a thumbs up. And more importantly, I think my kids like it too. Here are a couple of my favorites...

Great Lake Swimmers - See You On The Moon is some nice strummy indie rock that is catchy and has some good lyrics too.
Apostle Of Hustle featuring The Huskys - 24 Robbers is on the playground chant tip with hiphop beats and jumprope ryhmes.

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