Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just Like The Fambly Cat

Grandaddy release their final LP Just Like The Fambly Cat next week. After several years and albums together they have decided to disband. I will miss them, but I'm sure singer/songwriter Jason Lytle will continue to write and record. He will also be making some solo, acoustic appearances to promote the new album. I am a big fan of their lo-fi synth-rock songs about national parks and sad robots, but they never quite parlayed it into mainstream success. You get the sense that if they were ever going to "make it" it would have been a couple of years ago with the release of 2003's Sumday. So now the end is nigh. I've heard some of the new tracks and it sounds like classic Grandaddy to me - some slow, sad stuff and some loud and raucous rockers, all drenched in that glorious electronic sheen that their records always have. It's Neil Young versus Pink Floyd as played by a bunch of scruffy punk rockers. Here's the new single Jeez Louise, which fits into the loud and raucous category, and here is a video for another LP track, Where I'm Anymore, which is one of the slow sad songs.

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