Friday, May 19, 2006

Funky Friday Fluff

Today is a music swap special. My friend Greg and I were talking and he mentioned that he had an mp3 of Meco's Star Wars Theme, a fab-oo disco treatment from 1977 that is all that is good and bad about disco. It incorporates several of the themes from the original film - I love the cantina band tootling bit - over disco beats with big strings and a wailing geetar solo. It's a memorable bit of fluff from my youth, sent via e-mail in exchange for...

White Town's quirky one hit wonder from 1997, Your Woman. This song came out of nowhere and was everywhere, ultra catchy, with some lo-fi samples, a funky vibe and oddball lyrics. I love the little blippy beat in the break and the melancholy mood the song evokes.

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