Thursday, May 18, 2006

Promo Swag And Booty

I get music in my e-mail all the time, so today is an attempt to clean out the inbox and pass on items of interest. Let the corporate whoring begin!

"The band is Priestess and AceFu is putting out their record Hello Master on vinyl on June 13th. It is straight-up hard rock without a hint of irony, in the vein of Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother, Motorhead, Black Sabbath etc. Monster riffs. Drummer Vince Nudo sings Blood and lead singer Mikey Heppner is on No Real Pain." The QOTSA comparison got me, and turns out it is valid one to make. RAWK!!!


Chicago indie label (and purveyor of underground electronica and hip hop) Hefty Records has an almost 40 minute hip-hop mixtape by LA's DJ edIT up for grabs. It's a mash-up mix that blends instrumentals from the Hefty catalog with familiar hiphop cuts, so you get things like Mike Jones vs. Savath & Savalas, Missy Elliot vs. John Hughes, E-40 vs. Eliot Lipp, T-Pain vs. Telefon Tel Aviv and Busta Rhymes vs. Some Water And Sun. Good stuff.

> DJ edIT's Flossed Out Mix <

Conner are indie rockers from Lawrence, Kansas. They've opened for Arcade Fire, The Walkmen, The Kills, and toured with The Killers. Their new LP, out on June 6th, is called Hello Graphic Missile. You can get tracks on their label page at Sonic Boom Recordings or at the band's obligatory myspace page. It is a dose of groovy, melodic indie rock.

Whirlwind Heat have an album out called Types Of Wood. It's full of dirty bass riffs, Moog spazzouts and punk attitude. and covers some intersting lyrical ground (see Gene Pool Style). It's pretty amusing. Hear songs, see videos and more at these fine urls... - -


*Chris Price has a groovin' new electro pop song up for grabs. And She Was sees the spirit of the Pet Shop Boys live on...*

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