Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Mix) is from Multiply Additions, a selection of remixes of songs from last year's Multiply album. It was all about blue eyed soul meeting Warp-tronics and jazz funk and I was surprised at how much I liked it all. One of the fave tunes at my house was A Little Bit More, with it's funky shuffle and the repetition of the title - the kids loved it. This is a Luke Vibert remix, and it adds all of his trademark spaced out-ness - video game sounds, funked out keys and a funky drummer breakbeat and odd vocal snippets. It sounds fantastic to my ears. The rest of the set is pretty diverse and interesting, with mixes from Herbert, Gonzales, Freeform 5, Mocky and Four Tet. Good stuff.

I got the promo for the new Mike Patton (Faith No More/Mr.Bungle/Lovage) record this week. The "band" and the album are called Peeping Tom and it is a set of collaborations with a fairly broad range of indie electronic artists and hip hoppers. There are the usual suspects - Dan The Automator and Kool Keith are both on it. Also present are Bay area homies Jel, Dose One and Odd Nosdam from anticon, as well as Kid Koala and Amon Tobin. Then you have the tunes with Bebel Gilberto and Norah Jones, who turns in a particularly saucy vocal. It's an interesting set of matchups, some of which work better than others. Overall I like the vibe, although there are a few too many "heavy" moments, when the old Faith No More rocker vibe creeps in. I would have preferred to hear a more straight up r'n'b/hiphop record than this - more like the Lovage record. One of the most intriguing collabs is the one with everybody's fave moody Brit hoppers, Massive Attack. They provide the music on Kill The DJ (Featuring Massive Attack), and it is fairly typical of their sound, with big crunky beats and lots of electronics buzzing. Interesting...

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