Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stay The Same

Day 4 of the cliff notes version of Bent continues with the second single released from their brilliant 3rd album The Everlasting Blink. Stay The Same is a gorgeous, psychedelic pop song that lifts great chunks of vocals from an oldie by '70s British rock idol David Essex (1974's There's Something About You). It features a basic electro beat, a lovely melody, some big, spongy bass, strummy guitars, a choir, and the multitracked and processed vocals are very trippy. It's a classic moment on the LP. Today I give you a cool remix of it by Italo house act Planet Funk. Stay The Same (Planet Funk Radio Version) is a very different beast from the original, with a much thicker, harder rocking vibe to it. Gone is all of the delicacy, replaced by a hard beat, a gritty bass part, some big riffs, and a much bigger emphasis on the vocals. It reminds me a bit of Cut Copy, with it's tight blend of indie rock and dance beats. It's a lot funkier than the original too.

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