Friday, September 30, 2005

Funky Friday's Tears Are Not Enough

Classic 12's of the '80s
Today's post is the faux-soul debut single from ABC. Martin Fry and his crew had been playing in their hometown of Sheffield as Vice Versa, part of a vibrantly experimental music scene that included Cabaret Voltaire, Artery, the Human League, Clock DVA and the Comsat Angels. In 1980 the members of Vice Versa changed their band name to ABC and decided to go for pop chart domination. Their debut single was called Tears Are Not Enough, and it was a catchy, uptempo "white boys playing the funk" tune. Over a driving soul beat the band lays a tight bass riff, some choice chicken scratch guitar, killer horns, cheesy key stabs and that unmistakeable croon. Crooning those sharp lyrics. Martin is a dapper looking guy, and his lyrics were always sharp and funny. I loved this song from the get go, and felt like they were destined for greatness. It made the top 20, but it was the subsequent songs and album ("Poison Arrow", "The Look Of Love" and "All Of My Heart" from The Lexicon Of Love, produced by über producer of much goodness Trevor Horn) that saw them conquer the pop charts of the world. At this point I'd just like to say that, in my opinion, The Lexicon Of Love is one of the greatest pop records ever, from start to finish. But then that's a whole other post. Enjoy the bongo-licious breaks of Tears Are Not Enough (12" Version).

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