Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Price Of Gasoline

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A bunch of noteworthy new music hit US record shop shelves this week, forcing me to part with my $$$. I've had a chance to listen to most of them once. There's the Dandy Warhols' Odditorium, which drops the "wannabe Duran Duran" thing and returns to the VU stoner rock thing. One spin tells me I like it. There's the Super Furry Animals' Love Kraft, which after one spin sounded very interesting - it's going to take a few more! Brakes are a British indie "supergroup" who I posted about a while back. Their debut Give Blood is a really fun record - a mix of Neil Young-ish alt-country stuff with Brit-rock post punk. They do a couple of great cover tunes too - Jesus And Mary Chains' Sometimes Always and Jackson which many people, including Johnny Cash, have covered. Also out this week but not fully listened to - Stellastarr's Harmonies For The Haunted, Sigur Ros' Takk, the Polyphonic Spree and Elliott Smith's score for the new Mike Mills movie Thumbsucker, the two disc set of Defunkt reissues of Defunkt & Thermonuclear Sweat, and Minneapolis natives Halloween Alaska's sophomore release Too Tall To Hide.

The album that's gotten the most play the last two days though is Silent Alarm Remixed by Bloc Party. The music of this band lends itself to remixing, and their choices of mixers are interesting too, from Ladytron to Mogwai, M83, Four Tet, Erol Alkan and Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The one remix that really jumped out at me is Price Of Gasoline (Automato Remix). I was a big fan of Automato's album from a year or so ago. Produced by The DFA, it was a cool mix of indie hip hop and indie rock, with lots of nice electro touches. Much the same can be said for this remix - it's bumping, with a nice and chunky synth bass riff added. I love it - and it's so very topical these days too.

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