Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Classic 12"s - We Don't Need This Pressure On

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the "New Romantics" scene in the UK that flourished for a few years in the early '80s - the synths and makeup and funny outfits. One of the bands at the forefront of that scene was Spandau Ballet. Fronted by deep voiced crooner Tony Hadley, their early records were a blend of funk, disco, synths and art rock. They wore kilts with their frilly shirts, and had big floppy fringed hairdos. They sounded like nobody else though, and I loved the early stuff - it rode a fine line between artsy fartsy and pop, and the band was tight and funky. By the time they released 3rd album, the global smash True, they had undergone a bit of a makeover, and were now peddling a softer, blue-eyed soul version of the band. It was at this point that I began to lose interest, although I still own a copy of that album. Chant No.1 (We Don't Need This Pressure On) - 12" Version is from the second LP Diamond, which has some good tunes on it but it's not as consistent as their debut. This track exemplifies what I like about these guys - funky ass guitar riffs, nice chunky bass, some great horns, the shout-along chorus and that distinctive croon, so smooth.

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