Saturday, September 24, 2005

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I got an e-mail this week from a guy named Jamie Tait, and attached was an mp3 by his band, City Wide Walkie Talkie. I gave the tune a play. It's actually pretty groovy, in their words, "a combination of "sequenced electronic elements with live improvisations" - the quote is from their bio which you can read at their label's site @ Isonaut Music. Turns out these guys are Canadian and are part of "a collective of independent musicians banding together to offer free mp3 downloads and info about our projects. The genres covered are eclectic and include alt-pop, ambient, and downtempo." I surfed around the site a bit, and then hit the mp3 page. I enjoyed everything I heard. It's all on the lo-fi, left field, experimental electronic tip, with a lot of real instrumentation getting thrown into the mix. City Wide Walkie Talkie's Petrovich is the tune that Jamie sent me. It kicks off all atmosphere and static, then a breakbeat floats in, some wah-wah guitar wafts through, and suddenly it's a G-funk beat and a rubbery bass line bumping along. About half way through the beat fades and it turns into heavy dog-breathing ambience. If you like this track hit up their music page - you'll probably like some of the other tunes they have up too.

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