Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Classic 12"s - It Came From The '80s

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I'm returning to the 'classic 12"s' theme this week and it's all about the eighties. I lived in the UK from 1979 to 1985 - they were the formative years of my music taste. I arrived at the end of punk and the beginning of the "New Romatics" era. I loved the music, all synths and drum machines. The look was interesting for a while - a lot of blokes in frilly shirts and make up. I owned a baggy suit of which I tucked the pant legs into a sharp pair of burgundy pixie boots, and I might even admit to owning a lamé flecked scarf that I wrapped around the shoulder and neck - thankfully there are no photos that I know of to prove it! Several of this week's picks will be of the "new romantic" variety. Today, however, is all about the Tom Tom Club and their legendary hit Genius Of Love. The husband and wife team of Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth were already known in the world of music for their day jobs as the rhythm section from Talking Heads. While that band was on hiatus these two crept off to the Caribbean, hooked up with a bunch of funky locals, and recorded a breezy, summer-y party record. Goofy, fun and very funky, Genius Of Love (12" Version) was the second single from the LP, and over the years has been sample fodder for so many, from Mariah Carey to Annie. It's a warm groove that is given a nice, dubby makeover on this 12". You probably know it, might even own it, but I don't care - I love it. The Annie record has been a big hit at my house this summer - my almost 6 year old daughter loves the single Chewing Gum - listen to the beat and you will recognize it from this song.

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