Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More Songs From Music For Barbecues

tasty delicious music for barbecues

Track 1 on side B of Bent's Music For Barbecues EP is Duke Thing. It's a head-bobbingly good downtempo hip hop track. Yesterday I mentioned how adept these guys are at finding and using florid easy listening piano and string bits, and this tune definitely incorporates both - as well as a nice choral bit. In my head I can see a bejewelled Liberace plinking away at his solid gold piano while the Lawrence Welk singers trill on in the background. It's a sleepy little tune that, though I like it, is probably the least impressive song on the EP. Track B2, People, is fantastic. It's a squelchy, '80s electro flavored jam that has nice chunky bass lines, plucky guitar and makes ample use of modem dial-up ring tones - in a non-annoying fashion! Best of all is the vocal snippet that's repeated throughout, a child's voice saying "I hate people" - it gets pitch shifted down and multi tracked into oblivion, and since it's a motto that I myself have been known to utter, I love it. This tune also has more than a little whiff of that deep, Boards of Canada type of melody, and so for me evokes that same nostalgic, childhood feeling that BOC are so good at hitting you with. All in all, a wonderfully varied EP.

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