Wednesday, August 10, 2005

'Ello 'Ello

It's another Madchester special request today - Goatboy asked if I would put up something by The Beloved. Their breakthrough was the 1990 smash Hello. It's a bit of a hippy dippy rave and techno influenced pop song that is essentially a long shout out to the band's fave personalities and influences - yes, the time honored "list" song. Sure, it's a bit goofy, but damn if it isn't also super infectious. The single featured several remixes by band leader Jon Marsh, and my personal favorite version is Hello ('Ello 'Ello Mix). Kick back and enjoy this sunny, warm flashback to your (probably drug addled) youth.

so welcome to the world, yeah...
all you late-comers, just step onboard
i'm happy, glad you came
so welcome home again!

sometimes i feel we must be going mad

hello peter, hello paul
saints and sinners, welcome all
tommy cannon and bobby ball
hello, hello, hello, hello

consider, if you will
this great big question, unanswered still
oh, can you spot the difference that lies between
the colour blue and the colour green?

sometimes i feel we must be going mad

little richard, little nell
willy wonka and william tell
salman rushdie and kym mazelle
hello, hello, hello, hello...

so welcome to the team
oh, have you worked it out yet?
yeah - the riddle, i mean
what's the answer?
it's plain to see - blue is blue and it always will be

sometimes i feel that the whole world's going mad

mork and mindy, brian hayes
barry humphries and paris grey
little neepsie, chris and do
hello, hello, hello, hello...

billy corkhill, vince hilaire
freddie flintstone, fred astaire
desmond tutu, steve and claire
hello, hello, hello, hello...

charlie parker, charlie brown
leslie crowther, come on down
mary wilson, di and flo
hello, hello, hello, hello...

sir bufton tufton, jean paul sartre
zippy, bungle, jeffrey archer
andre previn and the lso
hello, hello, hello, hello...


Lyrics come courtesy of The where you will also find a rather large number of mp3s to download.


Evelio said...

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...

arghhh...I love this song. (Happiness is one of my favourite albums)

...finally I fell in love with this blog, I can tell...

angryrobot said...

Yay! Happiness is an album I never expected to keep coming back to after all these years, but for some reason, I do. I think they did a great job of blending the house/techno sound with a synthpop. The songs are all just undeniably catchy and the production has a nice, warm feel overall. The sun rising, indeed...

Five said...

This stuff is great. Beloved has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. The "Hello" singles all had different mixes on them, the 7" and 12". I've never really spent time listening to them. However, my turntable is hooked up to my computer right now...

jen said...

Oooh, thanks! I have this on cassette somewhere in a closet...haven't heard it in ages.

ion said...

So this is where Nirvana lifted the "hello hello hello" riff! Another great 12-inch pick my friend. You're resurrecting some of the best ones -- Paris Angels, MARRS, Stone Roses, House of Love, etc. All that's missing is "Groovy Train" by the Farm, Primal Scream's "Loaded" and "Speed Reaction" by Spirea X. And don't forget Blur's baggy "There's No Other Way"!

rockinwiththepin said...
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