Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm Going 'Round The Bend Again

Last week's "Classic 12"s of the Madchester Era" was a great success - it's pretty amazing how posting these oldies brings the mad hits! Thanks for showing such interest. Several people had special requests that they asked about in the comments from last week, so this week I'll be putting a few of those up. Today's post is for Fons in Rotterdam.

He requested All On You (Perfume) by Paris Angels. These guys were essentially a one hit wonder, and it's all about this remix. They were an indie rock band that, like all of the other indie rock bands of the baggy era, had to get in on the dance beat action. The song was transformed into a shimmering dance track a la New Order - lots of synths and beats but with plenty of guitar too. Unfortunately for the band, the general concensus seemed to be that the rest of the tunes they had were not as good as the single, and the public ignored them. After a brief stint on Virgin they disbanded. Guitarist Paul Wagstaff eventually resurfaced as a member of Shaun Ryder's post-Mondays band Black Grape. People still seem to be very fond of this song, so it guarantees them at least a small part in Madchester's history. I also have to say that I really dig the cover - a very simple yet striking image.


Anonymous said...

What a choon! Love it to bits. Thanks heaps.

Moko said...

A classic from my college days! I have their album on cassette somewhere, but it's great to have a digital copy now. Thanks again, and as always, keep up the good work!

fons said...

Thx michael for honouring my request! i feel flattered :)

I played the track this morning at breakfast. Not the right setting. I need to hear this in a a club and very loud! a great track still.

greetings from Rotterdam!

Max said...

I'm ashamed to say that I had never heard this track, despite my love of all things Madchester. I love it! Many thanks for offering it up.

Satisfied '75 said...

keep it up man, loved the 12