Thursday, August 04, 2005

Classic 12"s - I Wanna Bomb Your Submarines

Another of the great baggy era bands is The Charlatans. They were a rock band that had a natural groove and a great love for the big rock organ sound. They are one of the few bands of that era who didn't go up in flames - despite all manner of adversity they stuck it out and have continued to make albums. I love them all, some more than others, but it's their debut, 1990's Some Friendly, that is nearest and dearest to me (with 1994's Up To Our Hips being almost neck and neck with it). Today's tasty treat is from the 12" for the track Then. It's the title track, but in "alternate take" form. It's a pretty radical reworking of the song that takes it from it's original '60s psychedelic-rock-with-big-Deep-Purple-organ stylings and turns it into a mellowish downtempo jam with jazzy piano chords. It's smooth and laid back, and makes me get a bit funky. Enjoy Then (Alternate Take).

Fool's Gold Redux
A couple of days ago I posted a strange white label promo remix of The Stone Roses track Fool's Gold. I mentioned that on the flipside there is a remix of another great tune from the band's debut, Elephant Stone. In the comments Paulo X asks "What about posting the flip side, too?" - here you go - Elephant Stone (Remix). It's not nearly as radical a reworking as the other side - basically it adds a couple minutes of instrumental passages and beats to the song.

And While I Have Your Attention...
I got an e-mail today from a couple of crazy Frenchmen who go by the name BoogeRS. It said

"Finally funny and effective music! Finally songs that disturb and change you! boogeRS is young and unconscious, boogeRS is shambolic and efficient. boogeRS send you its first song “You/You” from the CD “In the step ”. Diffuse it, criticize it, buy it or give us your feelings on"

I clicked the link, and lo, they were right on the money with the description. It's lo-fi, scrappy, scruffy pop-rock-dance-disco-punk music - it really is all over the place. They have an audio page HERE where you can listen to a bunch of their tunes, or you can just try You You.


Goatboy said...

A deserved round of applause is due for the consistent quality of the tracks you've been posting.

I saw the Roses at Spike Island and, despite their reputation for being a bit crap live, they were were superb.

Other music I'd love to hear from that era include The Beatles and the Stones by The House of Love and anything by Inspiral Carpets or the Beloved (especially the much underplayed Hello).

Can't find any of this stuff.

Keep up the great work.


Paulo X said...

Thanks a lot!!!