Friday, August 26, 2005

Funky Friday On The Latin Tip

Luaka Bop Records is David Byrne's boutique label with major label backing. Back when the first releases appeared in the late '80s I never thought the label would amount to much - so few of those artist run labels do. They've been shrewd with their choices though, concentrating mostly on putting out latin flavored music from both Central and South America. There have been a few David Byrne albums, a great Shuggie Otis reissue, and some Clinton and Zap Mama records too. They recently put out Luaka Bop Remix. As the title implies, it's the roster remixed. There are remixes of tunes by Shuggie Otis, Si*Sé, and of the bands I've already mentioned. There are no David Byrne remixes on it. Brazilian art popper Tom Ze has been one of Luaka Bop's biggest stars, and they've enlisted Chicago sound master John McEntire to remix Defect 2 : Curiosidade, and the leftfield art rocker handles it well - his style works well with the original. The one band on the label that I really like are Los Amigos Invisibles. They hail from Venezuela and they craft a heady brew of funk, rock, disco and house all topped off with heavy lashings of latin beats and horns, a little bit of Zappa-esque tomfoolery and lots of sexiness. Esto Es Lo Que Hay (Maurim Reggaeton Remix) is, as the title of the remix implies, a reggaeton version of one of my favorite tunes from the band's tasty 2004 album The Venezuelan Zinga Son Vol. 1. I also recommend the band's 2000 album Arepa 3000. They never fail to get me grooving, and always put a smile on my face.

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Tom Havers said...

I finally got to see Los Amigos Invisibles a few weeks ago and they prove to be just as solid in concert as on tape. Great post and great blog. I only wish I could hear that Shuggie remix. Whatever happened to the first 22 Strawberry letters?