Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm A Hustler, I'm A Full Moon

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The Chemical Brothers' latest LP Push The Button was released earlier this year to generally positive reviews but seemingly little interest by the public at large. I have always been a fan but was feeling like at this point they were kind of played out. I picked up the record - with low expectations - but after a few spins found myself actually enjoying it quite a bit. There is nothing new to their formula on it and some of it can get a bit repetitive, but several of the tracks stood out to me - the Middle Eastern flavor of Galvanize with Q-Tip on the rap, Keke from Bloc Party's vocals on Believe and the track The Boxer. Featuring vocals from long time collaborator (and singer for The Charlatans) Tim Burgess, it is the latest single from the album. The CD5 features two new tracks (Giant & Spring), 2 remixes of Believe (by Erol Alkan & Mathew Jonson), a remix of Galvanize by Abe Duque, and this ab-fab remix of The Boxer by uber hipsters the DFA. They smooth out the original's stutter and actually bring the tempo down a notch, taking the tune from it's glitchy machine funk origins and turning it into a mellow, dubby, late night groove. Very tasty indeed.


carlos said...


Congratulations, that link is great.

Ben said...

Thank you for the remix. Been dying to find an mp3 of the dfa goodness.

Anonymous said...

great track!