Friday, July 08, 2005

Funky Friday's Music Makes You Lose Control

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Missy Elliott is back with a new LP, The Cookbook. I've read a few reviews and they haven't been very positive - mostly a case of too little Timbaland involvement. I've given it a few spins now and I have to disagree with that line of thought. There are a few Timbaland tunes, a bunch of self produced joints, and a few guest producer spots too - the Neptunes, Scott Storch and Rich Harrison among them. Missy helms the boards for the big single Lose Control. It's pure electro magic, built on some vintage samples by Cybotron and Hot Streak, and guest starring r'n'b hottie Ciara and Fat Man Scoop. This is pure gold pumping out of my car stereo. I also really dig Can't Stop, where Rich Harrison takes his by-now-familiar blueprint - see Beyonce's Crazy In Love and Amerie's One Thing - of rough, percussive soul and lets Missy rip it up over his gritty groove. I think that it's this diversity of sound that I like about the album - no diss to Timbaland, because the tracks he brings are as big as always, but I like the change of musical pace on offer here.


Scholar said...

Great post--I can't help but love Missy. I really need to go buy this CD. I recently noticed that I was getting some traffic on Souled On coming from this site...much appreciation for posting a link. I read your blog all the time, so the acknowledgement was an honor. Peace.

EJ Flavors said...

Hey, man. Your coworker Kim hooked me up to your site this evening and I've gotta say I'm lovin' it. I had Lose Control, and like all Missy CDs it's growing on me. I gotta say Irresistable Delicious is probably my fave cut to date.

Thanks for the acknowledgement also, man.

Michael said...

Hey Scholar - my pleasure to add the link! I really enjoyed the 4th of July piece a lot!

@ej flavors - I'll have to thank Kim for sending me some more visitors! Thanks for the kind words.