Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Don't Look So Surprised

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Vicious Vicious are a Minneapolis band led by Erik Appelwick who is also part of several other local acts including Alva Star and the hotly hyped Olympic Hopefuls. What began as one man and his four track has turned into a tight quartet. With bassist Heath Henjum, drummer extraordinaire Martin Dosh (Dosh & Fog) and studio whiz Alex Oana he's put together a 7 track album - or is it an EP? - called Don't Look So Surprised. It's a collection of sharp, literate pop songs that are all over the stylistic map. On a funky track like Here Come Tha Police I hear fellow Minneapolitans Prince & Iffy. Fans of Phoenix and the Fountains Of Wayne will find something to like on some of the mellower rock tunes. There are also moments that sound like Grandaddy or Beck, and on the album's first track, It's A Serious Thing it's like Modest Mouse mashed up with Weezer slathered with the new wave stylings of The Cars. All in all it's a fine little set of tunes, well crafted, nicely produced and pretty damn catchy.


matt said...

Yeah ! -- great job. i especially like the Modest Mouse mashed w/ Weezer via a Cars crash characterization. nice one!

meajan said...

i dont know how to put it except..........This Album Made Me Want to Dance. Great job!