Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Classic 12"s Week - There's Something Wrong With Human Nature

Take a great house band - the On-U Sound System, which contains various members of Tackhead, who used to be the Sugarhill Records house band. Add a vocalist with a distinctly British flow - Gary Clail - who rants and raves about politics and the idiocy of man, much like Mark Stewart but without the shriek. Add a second set of vocals in the break - dramatic and swoony, delivered by half man, half woman Alan "Lanah" Pillay. Dubmeister producer Adrian Sherwood tweaks it with his usual verve, then gives the tapes of the song Human Nature to the pre-eminent remixers of the day, Paul (before I became crap) Oakenfold and Steve Osborne. The result is this - 1991's Human Nature (On The Mix). It retains much of the orignal's dubtastic flavor, while adding those crucial Perfecto touches - the house-y beats, the Italo piano riffing, the swirly "rave" keys. A stomping good tune with a message, and another classic 12" remix.


Max said...

I am WAY into this week's theme, since it's basically like revisiting the birth of my passion for dance music. The ravey-synth riff in "Human Nature" still makes me smile. Thanks for another great post.

Anonymous said...

I really like this weeks theme also. I still have all my 12" mixes from back in the day... Always liked Gary Clail's Tackhead Soundsystem. You should carry this over to next week! Great site.

dave said...

nice tune. gotta love the great use of samples - tracker style.