Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Broad Souls

A few weeks ago I was shopping for music when I happened across the latest album by the British duo Faze Action. Called Broad Souls, I had no idea it was out - since April or May of last year! I am a fan, having been seduced by the disco soundscapes the Lee brothers had released on their debut Plans & Designs and it's follow-up Moving Cities. It's been five years since that last one, so I snapped up Broad Souls, eagerly anticipating some big, Afro-beat tinged disco deliciousness. What poured out of my speakers instead was deep, lush, vintage styled soul and r'n'b tinged pop songs. Real songs, sung beautifully by Andre Espeut - the man possesses a seriously soulful croon, smooth and creamy like velveeta. They are songs that hearken back to the classics of the '60s and '70s. There are horns, and Rhodes keyboards and soulful backing vocals. There isn't an upeat disco tunes in sight. And after a few spins I don't really care, because what is there is so sweet and groovy and warm. The folks I work with can be a good indicator of how good a record is, and if more than one or two ask "who is this?" I know it's a winner. This one fits that bill. The title track Broad Souls kicks off in big style, with strings and a big guitar riff, before settling into a sun kissed groove. Outside is a simmering instrumental that shows off the band's love of Serge Gainsbourg's brand of French pop. It's gorgeous. I can't believe that this record didn't generate more heat and hype when it was released. A fantastic musical reinvention.

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matt said...

Hey Thanks for this post! you're right, this album sounds delicious. I'm really lovin' Outside (great Hammond B3 work, and a cool, smoky summer vibe) which alone is enough to convince me to go out & pick-up this album.

Great job & thanks again.