Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Music Tuesday - Spoon

One of my fave indie rock bands is Spoon. I love the minimalist approach of singer/songwriter Britt Daniel. He is able to convey such depth and feeling with such economical arrangements, both in the music and his lyrics. Their latest LP Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga drops today. It is a great record. It doesn't really stray too far from the previous efforts - taut rhythm section, a hint of classic rock and the odd bit of studio embellishment, all topped off with Britt's raspy, melancholy vocals. The big thing here for me is how freaking pop-tastic this record is. If there was any justice in the music world, several of these songs would be top 10 hits. From opener Don't Make Me A Target to You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb to the groovy The Underdog there isn't a bum note on it - again with the economy! I've been listening to it for a month or two now and it is so damn catchy. Today I picked up the limited edition version - it comes with a bonus CD that crams 12 tracks into 22 minutes. It is some demos and alternate takes and studio jams and is weird and wonderful. Today I offer one of my favorites from the album, Don't You Evah. It is a cover of an unreleased song by The Natural History, and it features a great bass riff and crisp hand claps and for some reason it reminds me of vintage Joe Jackson. From the bonus disc enjoy the experimental spaciness of I Can Feel It Fade Like An AM Single. A great album which you can listen to in it's entirety here, and then you can go out and buy it for yourself!

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