Saturday, July 21, 2007

Funky Friday - A Handful Of Covers

Today is a rare Saturday repost of yesterday's offerings. The occasion? To let you all know that you can now bookmark me at
That's right - I'm a dot-com, baby!

I pulled this February 2003 Muzik Magazine compilation off the shelf today to play at work. Heroes! Rewind! is a set of covers and a few odds and ends, and features a couple of exclusives from Soul II Soul, LTJ Bukem and Bent. It is an interesting selection of tunes and artists, and made for a fun listen. Today's selections include two Prince covers, a classic by Parliament and a Pink Floyd song - two slices of downtempo, two slices of uptempo. Tasty.

Bent - Dirty Mind
A slightly goofy yet endearing reading of this Purple chestnut puts it in the realm of psychedelic downtempo.
Open Door - Breathe
I was wary at first but this one ended up winning me over with it's breakbeats and warm keys.
Rae & Christian - Flashlight
I think this is a pretty unique take. It loses all the vocals and adds R&C's Britfunk flavor.
Space Cowboy - I Would Die 4 U
Another Prince cover given a little bit of four to floor action.

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