Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Music Tuesday - Common

Common seems to stir up a lot of mixed emotions in the hip hop world. Not hardcore enough for a lot of people, too artsy for others. Lyrically he comes across as the sensitive, thinking type, and largely eschews the whole bitches'n'hos thing - altho' he stills drops the N word quite a bit. Personally speaking I have enjoyed all of his records, even the much maligned Electric Circus. His new LP Finding Forever drops today, and it sticks to the formula of it's predecessor Be. Kanye West is once again the man in charge. He produces the majority of the tracks, and he brings his warm, soulful take on hip hop - gritty beats, lush soundscapes, gospel vocals and a few choice samples (like the drums from Paul Simon's 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover). He also brings a few choice guests; Lily Allen (yes, that Lily Allen) sings on Drivin' Me Wild. D'Angelo and Bilal croon, DJ Premier scratches and Will I Am produces and sings. I have only had a couple of listens and a few tracks stand out - the hard rocking Southside, the Lily Allen bit, The Game with it's old skool Premier cuts, and today's selection, I Want You. This is Common's collaboration with Will I Am. It's a love song that floats on dreamy Bob James samples. I have a love-hate thing with Will. I think he's plenty talented. I was a fan of the first few Black Eyed Peas records. But then Fergie entered the picture and the dopiest pop songs ever ensued. I like what Will does for others, and this is no exception. Smooth.

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