Tuesday, October 10, 2006

File Under Random

I was never much of a Dinosaur Jr. fan. I can say the same thing about Sebadoh. Lou Barlow was in both of those bands, and he also records as The Folk Implosion. I am a fan of the Folk Implosion. 1999's One Part Lullaby is my fave of theirs, a fantastic album of well orchestrated, catchy indie rock songs. There are lots of nice production touches, from the loops and electronics to the dulcimers and glockenspiels. I particularly enjoy Serge, which is an instrumental tribute to the grand old man of French rock, Monsieur Gainsbourg. It samples the most excellent rhythms from Serge's own Requiem Pour Un Con, and builds into a nice and atmospheric rocker with plenty of Gallic flavor.

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