Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's hard to believe it, but it has been ten years since I first discovered Daft Punk. Me and a couple of buddies would get together on Saturday afternoons, imbibing beers and other things, and spin music. We'd take turns at the "wheels of steel", playing short 3 or 4 record sets. It was eclectic, both style (anything goes as long as there are fat beats) and skillz wise - early on our beat matching left much to be desired. The first time one of us played the Daft Punk single Musique (Version Longue) we were all mesmerized. It was repetitive and basic but damn it was funky. Built over hoppin' house beats, they used a few well placed samples, some synth squiggle and a bunch of filters working overtime. Top it off with the vocal chant of "musique!" and a dance floor favorite was established. They followed this up with their debut LP and it's big hit singles, but that's another day's post.

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