Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This week one of my music collector super wishes came true - Rhino Records remastered and expanded the first two Pretenders albums. Pretenders and Pretenders II are a couple of absolute rock and roll classic in my book, and these reissues have been a long time coming. Both of then are now 2CD sets - disc one is the original record, disc two is rarities, demos and live tracks, much of it previously unreleased. I played the debut today at work and it sounds fantastic - the remastering really enhances the sound.Today I offer some of the tasty extras from that debut. Swinging London sounds like it should be soundtracking an Austin Powers movie - plenty of swingin' swankiness and twangin' guitar. Brass In Pocket (Demo) is a bit slower than the final product but just as powerful, and notice how she sings "you're special" in the chorus instead of "I'm special". Kid (Demo) is full of the gorgeous vocals that only Chrissie can deliver - it's amusing to hear her riff on The Police at very beginning of this too. A brilliant LP and a fantastic reissue.

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