Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Trip To The Kerrier District

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Luke Vibert got press here last month with the release of his junglist Amen Andrews Vs. Spac Hand Luke album which came out in June. About a month later he put out another record, this time under his Kerrier District alias. Called Kerrreir District 2, I have only just this week been able to get my hands on a copy, and I am psyched. Kerrier is Luke's '80s electro funk and disco outlet, where he puts his quirky melodies to use in service of some seriously fun(ky) music. I'm a big fan of Luke in all of his guises, but I have a special soft spot for Kerrier District due to it's '80s bent - he clearly has a love for the music, and his pastiches are crafted with all the right keyboard sounds and squiggles. Ce Porte is classic - the pitch wheel bends, the stabs and the gently rolling beats all sprinkled with '80s glimmer. My only (minor) complaint about the record is that it is actually just an EP - 5 tracks and one remix by Ceephax - so it doesn't last long enough for me. Great late summer listening.

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