Thursday, August 31, 2006

Multiple Personalities

Back in 2003 the release of Lovers by Aussie combo The Sleepy Jackson sent critics swooning to their keyboards to compose glowing reviews. It's taken four years, but the follow up finally hit shelves at the end of July. Building on the debut's approach - all things Beatles and Beach Boys and summer pop - the new album Personality - One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird really kicks it up a notch. Mainman Luke Steele has created a delightfully over the top record, full to bursting with production whiz bang. There are huge strings slathered everywhere, and memorable melodies abound. The results are occasionally breathtaking, and it's refreshing to hear someone willing to take it to the limit. The influences are still Beatles and Brian Wilson's summer fun, plus a bit of Spector's wall-of-sound and Bacharach's gift for lush arrangement. It is a sweeping epic that appears to have been lost in the shuffle - reviews have been postive to glowing, but I don't feel much buzz around it, especially from the music bloggers. So here's a chance to get yourself acquainted with some very lovely music from down under...

You Needed More kicks off the album, and right away it's big and lush and swoony and orchestral.

God Knows is pure George Harrison Beatles - sweet slide guitar, loads of layered vocals, a glorious chorus. Great stuff.

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