Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Maybe We're Crazy

The wife and I are going to see Gnarls Barkley in concert tonight. I am pretty geeked. I look forward to the costumes - who are they going to be tonight? I've been reading reviews, and they've all been positive. They have been opening the show with a cover of Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf. All of this is good for me. I expect to be fully entertained, and I look forward to hearing the album recreated with a band and string section and all. A good time should be had by all. In the spirit of this I share some Gnarls inspired mash ups, and the original spaghetti western music that is sampled on Crazy. Enjoy...

Gianfranco Reverberi - Last Man Standing - the original bit of music. Quite lovely.

Arty Fufkin - Crazy Logic - Crazy vs Supertramp's Logical Song vs The Who's Go to the Mirror Boy vs Rockwell's Somebody's Watching. It is crazy.

The Legion Of Doom - Crazy As She Goes - Crazy vs. The Raconteurs' Steady As She Goes vs. some old skool hip hop tracks.

Sound Advice - The Last Nasty Boy - the Gnarls Barkley vs Biggie Smalls mash up. That's right, the Gnotorious Gnarls Biggie is in the house.

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