Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Handful Of Covers

The latest Q Magazine has a cover mount CD featuring "15 Soft Rock Anthems" called Take It Easy. It's a typically hit and miss affair with only a few gems on it. It covers a lot of ground - Heaven 17 doing Don't Fear The Reaper, some ELO, Def Leppard, Moody Blues, Jellyfish, Redd Kross, The Korgis and some pretty dreadful new covers. Of course you get the good(s)!

Chris Difford - Up The Junction - one half of Squeeze's songwriting team covers his own tune in a lovely, downtempo and countryfied twangy fashion. Really very nice.

Psapp - Year Of The Cat - the very hep and now duo Psapp cover Al Stewart's 1977 smash hit in their quirky style - strummy guitars, lowkey organ and steel drum sounds all feature. Again, really very nice.

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