Monday, August 14, 2006

The Head On The Door

The second round of deluxe 2CD reissues from The Cure hit US shelves last week. The Top, The Head On The Door and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me are joined by the one off Blue Sunshine, released by Robert Smith's side project (with Banshees guitarist Steve Severin) The Glove. Now, that's alot of gloom and doom to consume in one sitting, so I decided to just go with my personal favorite Cure album, 1985's The Head On The Door. This album is the perfect summation of all the band's parts for me. There is gloom and doom, but there are also uplifting melodies and gloriously silly moments. It is some of the band's most poptastic music ever, and this reissue really makes me very happy because it has aged pretty well. From the opening salvo of In Between Days (a song New Order could have written) it is a concise, well balanced record. The second disc is full of demos and live recordings. Today I share a couple of tracks that were never singles, and they are a couple of my fave Cure songs evah! It's fun comparing the demo roots to what came later...

Six Different Ways (Studio Demo)
Six Different Ways

Push (RS Home Demo)

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