Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Unreleased Futureheads

I recently picked up the latest album from The Futureheads. Called News And Tributes, it's the follow up to their excellent self titled debut from 2004. That album was one of my faves of that year, with tight clipped guitars and lots of frenetic new wave energy and loads of great tunes. The latest effort has yet to grab me by the ears. I have been playing it once or twice a week, and while I enjoy some of what I hear, the rest just seems lackluster. It would appear to be the sophomore slump, as the band tries to broaden it's sonic palette and try a few new things. I will keep playing it in the hopes that that will change. Anyway, I got a freebie 7" with my CD purchase. It has album track Worry About It Later on side A, and the previously unreleased song History Itself is the B side. It is all that I like about them - the taut rhythm, the sharp guitars, and the classic sing song Futureheads melody. It's great.

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