Monday, July 10, 2006

Music For Barbecues Redux

Last week I got an e-mail from Tom. He inquired about the availability of a Bent song I posted in August of 2005. Since it is one of my personal favorites of theirs, I am happy to oblige...

tasty delicious music for barbecues
Today's tune is from the 12" EP Music For Barbecues. Released in November of 2000, it features four songs not available on the Programmed To Love album, and they are all good. K.I.S.S.E.S. kicks off side A in stellar style. It starts with some wind chimes, adds a deep guitar riff, then some bumping, shuffling beats, and suddenly you are being crooned to by a mysterious German fraulein. She sings in a pure voice, and though I don't speak the tongue to me it sounds like she's singing about kisses tasting like wine. This tracks is pure bliss, with a glorious break about a third of the way through - it's the strings, so melodramatic, yet so heart tuggingly lovely. In my opinion this tune is one of the best things they've ever done.


I got an email from Tom thanking me for the repost of this tune and in it he provided a nifty translation of what the lovely fraulein is saying...

"By the way: The "mysterious German fraulein" is singing about kisses sweeter than wine..."

(Ich) träumte so gerne von den Freuden der Welt
Ich hatte manches Schöne mir vorgestellt
Und dann kam ein Tag und den vergesse ich nie
Viel schöner als meine Phantasie
Ooh, ooh, Küsse süßer als Wein

(I dreamed so happily about the joys of the world
I had met a beautiful one
And then came one day that I'll never forget
Much more beautiful than my fantasy
Ooh, ooh, kisses sweeter than wine)

Thanks Tom in Vienna!

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