Monday, July 17, 2006

Crying Shame

Muse dropped their new album Black Holes And Revelations last week. They are a band that I like a lot, although for some reason I feel like I shouldn't - too many disparate influences like Queen, Radiohead and pompous prog mash up with classic European pop melodies, synth pop and gushing, swelling sentiment. Somehow these boys can transcend it all and grab me by the ears. I have even gone so far as to see them live, and they knocked my socks off there too. Suffice it to say the new album is in heavy rotation this week, and it is classic Muse with a few new twists. I am liking it. Free with my purchase of the album came the nifty picture disc you see above. It contains a b-side song that isn't on the new album, Crying Shame. RAWK!!

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