Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jurassic 5 versus Art Of Noise

Jurassic 5's new album Feedback was released this week. With Cut Chemist having moved on most of the production is handled by their old backup (and now full time) DJ Nu Mark. There are veterans like Salaam Remi and current faves like Scott Storch on board too. I'm feeling a bit unsure about it all - I've played it a few times and it hasn't grabbed me yet. One tune has though. Back 4 You kicks off the album, and all I needed to know is here - "Back 4 You contains a sample of (and elements of) the recording Beat Box as performed by Art Of Noise." It is a song largely built around the piano motif with finger snaps from the fade out of the Art of Noise classic. It is a thrill to hear such a glorious little piece of music used in such a fashion.

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