Thursday, July 20, 2006

London Barrave

Amen Andrews is an alias of noted electronic studio wiz Luke Vibert (AKA Wagon Christ/Kerrier District/Butler Kiev). So is Spac Hand Luke. There is a CD out on Rephlex records called Amen Andrews Vs. Spac Hand Luke. So what we have here is Luke versus Luke. Doing jungle. And it is fat. I have been over jungle for several years, so it is kind of refreshing to hear some tight riddims. Luke is an old hand at this stuff, having recorded a bunch of jungle as Plug back in the '90s. Does this stuff break any new ground? No, not really, but it does make me wax nostalgic for when this stuff was booming from the underground. All that having been said, the two tunes I share today are like the only two tunes on it that aren't junglist. Album opener London is some killer skittery, stop-start hip hop with booming bass, ghostly sound affects, cool guitar riffs and loads of weird vocal samples. Barrave is (as it title implies) a bit of classic rave electro, with the key stabs and all. I love it!

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