Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Vintage Funk Sound Of Connie Price & The Keystones

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Today's tune is a sweet slab of funk called Double Dutch, brought to you by LA funk revivalists Connie Price & The Keystones. It has some cool wah-wah guitar, honking sax and some spooky keyboards all riding a tight, funky drummer beat. Their debut LP Wildflowers is out now on Now-Again/Stones Throw Records and is a very nice mix of funk and soul, jazz, reggae and Afrobeat and cinematic soundtrack stuff. If you're familiar with The Breakestra you'll dig this - band leader Dan Ubick was part of that group, as well as having contributed to records by Macy Gray and Madlib. The record is instrumental save for one cut, and it's all good. I had heard nothing about this record, and when I was in my local music emporium on Tuesday they were playing it - I was sold. Feel the funk.

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