Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Can - Monster Movie

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Mute Records is remastering and reissuing the back catalogue of seminal Krautrockers Can, beginning with first album, 1969's Monster Movie. The band members were from all kinds of different backgrounds - Irmin Schmidt and Holger Czukay from the academic world of New Music, drummer Jaki Liebezeit from the free jazz scene, guitarist Michael Karoli was the rocker and African American singer Malcolm Mooney was a sculptor evading the draft in Paris. Together they created a bold new rock, mixing classic rock and pop elements with wild experimentation in the studio and electronic trickery, all laid over fantastic grooves. Outside My Door is a bluesy rocker that features the fine rantings of vocalist Mooney and the blazing guitars of Karoli. Great stuff, and I look forwarad to picking up the rest of these albums as they come out!

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R. Piggy said...

Oh man, I found a Can song when I started blogging, and I was just today gleefully singing it , "turtles have da short regs, not for warking." I support you posting more Can. And thanks for the link to my blog.