Sunday, November 14, 2004

A Certain Ratio Versus Fila Brazillia

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Back in 2003 Fila Brazillia got the chance to produce and remix some A Certain Ratio tunes. A three track EP was the result. Wild Party is remix of an old Factory Records single from 1985. The Fila boys smooth it out, giving it some bouncy new beats and spacy keys. I love ACR's mutant disco and funk - that spirit lives on in Fila Brazillia's music, and I feel their two styles blend very nicely on this tune.


Anonymous said...

Hey, found your site through RateYourMusic (you're no. 5 on my compatible user list). Cool site, I'll come back for more music.

zerb (at RYM)

thebeathunters said...

great selection, i didn't know this e.p
i luv fila brazilia

guanoboy said...

not a bad mix, i've been thinking of posting some I've got the bug again...

Some good tracks on your site! I'll be adding you to my links, if'n you don't mind.