Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Handful Of Covers

The Soft Pink Truth's cover of Minor Threat's Out Of Step is from their new LP Do You Want New Wave Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth? - all covers of classic hardcore songs by folks like Crass, The Angry Samoans, Die Kreuzen and The Swell Maps. Done up in Drew Daniel's usual quirky glitch house style, and in this case with the lovely vocals of Dani Siciliano.

The Damned do a unrelenting take on the Beatles classic Help! - a minute and 42 seconds of nonstop riffing and frantic pacing. Excellent.

Wondermints do Abba's Knowing Me Knowing You - they take it from saccharine pop song to midtempo rocker, filled with loads of cool guitars, and it works amazingly well.

Japan do the classic Velvet Underground song All Tomorrow's Parties (12" Version). Sylvian croons, Rob Dean's guitars are nicely strangled, Mick Karn's unique fretless bass and sax and some nice electronic atmosphere over Steve Jansen's propulsive beat all add up to one of my personal fave cover tunes ever.


Paul said...

Sort of a drag that the Wondermints totally overlooked the best part of the original ABBA track.

The backup "ahh-haa"s in the chorus are effing godhead!

Michael said...

Yeah, the "ah ahs" are definitely missed. I haven't heard enough ABBA covers - can you think of any others worth looking for?

Anonymous said...

those were great! thanks :)

josie aka freckle stof