Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Pallas Athena

Thanks to Fons in Rotterdam I now own two of David Bowie's singles from his Black Tie White Noise album. I have always enjoyed that record, and these singles for "Jump They Say" and the title track are pretty fun. The mixes are what make them interesting - particularly the remixes by Leftfield and Meat Beat Manifesto. I have always been a fan of Jack Dangers' music - it hasn't really changed much over the years, but for some reason I love it. His remix of Pallas Athena has all of the classic MBM elements - the booming "god" sample at the beginning, the chunky polyrhythms, the dub elements, the chanting. It takes a so-so instrumental into booming dub selector territory. A killer groove.


Anonymous said...

who are you? where are you? what's up?
I found your blog 'cause my last name is Siart.


Bruce Siart
Baldwinville, MA

Michael said...

siart is just the abbreviation of silence is a rhythm too - no more significance than that. It is a pretty amusing coincidence that it's your last name!

Anonymous said...

Yo Michael, thanks foe mentioning me! :) have fun with the single and mixes.